Do you Travel?

Yes. I am based in the Midlands which means I have good access to most of the UK. I am also willing to travel abroad just pop me a message and ask for a quote.

How long have you been doing this?

I have been taking photos my entire life. I decided to make a career of it around three and a half years ago. Since then I have worked tirelessly to develop my skills and knowledge to ensure you receive the best quality photos on your big day.

How many photos do we get?

I do not give a figure as it depends entirely on your day, on how many hours I am there, and the kind of photos you want. However I also do not limit the photos you receive if I take 500 you will receive a large percentage of those.

How do we get our photos?

I have a client gallery where you will be able to view your photos and download them for a period of time. I also offer a package with an album or an album can be added at an additional cost.

Do you retouch photos?

I am happy to re-touch photos to remove a stray hair, lightly smooth skin or clothing or to generally enhance the photo with a brighter sky or removing shadow. What I won’t do is make you two dress sizes smaller or 6 inches taller I believe we are all beautiful as we are and that should be embraced.

Whats your turn around time?

For a full day wedding I aim to have turn around in eight weeks this allows me time to ensure your photos are the best you can possibly get. However if you wish for a shorter turnaround this can be arranged at a small additional cost.

How do we book you?

Fantastic! I’m looking forward to working with you already, please click on the contact me tab and enter your details. Alternatively you can drop me an email, call me or text me on my mobile.

Can you help us with planning?

I LOVE PLANNING WEDDINGS!! I would be thrilled to help you plan and organise your special day. Please contact me for a bespoke quote.

How far out do you book?

How far out do you plan? I can be booked as far in advance as you wish however please be aware that my prices currently quoted may increase and therefore when creating your quote the price may not be that as advertised today.

What should we do for an engagement session?

I believe an engagement shoot should be about you as a couple, so what do you like to do? Walks in the park, movies, whatever it is let’s bring that to your engagement shoot to show the world who you are as a couple and of course to show your love for each other.

What should we wear for our engagement shoot?

Whatever you feel comfortable in. I want you to be comfortable and relaxed so we can get the real you on camera that’s not going to happen if you’re in a three-piece suit when you’re usually in jeans and a T-shirt.