Hello, I am Amanda

I have a beautiful blended family of 2 sons 1 daughter & 3 grandchildren plus 1 dog & 8 cats! I have been a photographer all my life from when my nana gave me my first proper camera to take on my first holiday abroad to Greece. Follow rolls & rolls of film my poor mum had to pay to have developed with far too many pictures of goats!? Digital was a welcome revelation!

I qualified as a nurse at 24

and I have had an amazing career including working my way up to Management.
In 2020 I got married to the love of my life & the planning ignited my love for all things weddings.
In early 2021 I lost my nana (80) & mum (60) within a month of each other I realised I had lost my passion for nursing & felt the need to do something for me, too look after me for a change so, I decided to study photography like I never had before.
(Not my photo)

I’ve always had an eye for a good photo

And I began consuming as much information as I could & developing my technical skills.
Then one day it hit me like a bolt of lightning, I needed to do this for a living! So here I am! Fresh, passionate & wanting everyone to be able to have beautiful wedding photos at affordable prices.
Given my background I can deal with any situation & I don’t panic or stress! So choose me & I will be your rock & photographer on your most special day!
(Not my photo)